I first met Nichole, my human, when a young girl who could not afford to take care of me, brought me into a sterile health clinic to pick up her medication. The young girl offered to give me away to anyone who was looking for a new pet. Immediately,  Nichole adopted me on the spot. I guess she could not resist my adorable cuteness and charming ways. Ever since that day, Nichole and I have  been inseparable.


Together we have accomplished so many life changing goals!  We moved away to Chicago, Illinois. We only lasted a year and moved back home the first chance we could. Nichole missed her family too much to stay away. Moving back to Ohio was the best decision we ever made because that was when we decided that I needed a brother and sister to play with, so we adopted-Keller and Thomas.  Recently, the family made the decision to buy a new home.  Now, I have so many places where I can hide to attack Nichole’s feet and pounce all over my siblings. I would say this has been our greatest adventure yet!


My new life with Nichole, Keller and Thomas has turned out to be a dream come true.

Make sure you come back and check in on us from time to time. You know you want to see what adventures the family and I are planning next!


Huckleberry Finn