In No Specific Order

The goal of my blog is to entice your taste buds with photos of food that I have either prepared or purchased at some of the very unique markets and restaurants in Cleveland, Ohio. I will also be sharing photos and stories of the most adorable cats on this planet. Yes, I own three cats–all rescues! Huckleberry Finn, Helen Keller and Thomas Sawyer are, literally, the loves of my life. Last, and certainly not least, I will be sprinkling small stories about the weirdness that is my life into this delectable mix, to hopefully bring cheer and laughter to the faces of all. And, of course, all of the above will be delivered “In No Specific Order”!

My Little FamilyPlease feel free to share this tasty treat with your friends and family, or just keep it to your to yourself, as a “guilty pleasure” of sorts.

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