Below is basically a running list of what my life has been like for the last month, via the #hashtag.


One of these precious days I will begin to get my life together….but today, well, today I am going to leave my clean clothes fresh from the clothes oven all over the floor. I am going to leave my flat sheet in a bundle at the foot of my bed where it has been comfortably hanging out for nearly a month. And, I will most certainly wear my already twice worn gym clothes to the gym tonight…with no shame. Yes, I am officially an adult child.

Luckily, my motto is the same one that Planet Fitness uses, which is my basement life is a ‘judgment free zone’.


You know it is going to be a long day when you are not even out of your bed and you are already singing Destiny’s Child, Independent Women quietly to yourself and your cat.

Throw your hands up at me.



“I hired this guy to help you move. You’re welcome.”

-Sent by my dearest friend on Facebook, who clearly understands me all too well. She also knows that I will surely need help moving into my new pad next month, by clearly hiring men who wear outfits like this and are sure to wear proper moving attire. Take note of Spike’s gloves and back support belt–top notch.



Cheese and cracker plate for dinner, per my usual. I’m not gonna lie, I am going to make some man VERY UNHAPPY someday.

This is what I eat almost every night for dinner. And…if I am being honest, I eat this for breakfast more than anyone ever should. I would say I eat this just once a week, but then I would be lying and I live by the motto that, “honesty is the only policy”. So, yes, I eat cheese and crackers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As I said, someday…maybe I will make some man very unhappy.



 When the love of my life, Huck, tries to be a very literal “cat in the bag”. Either way, what a stud!


About three weeks ago my sister encouraged me to get back into the dating scene via Tinder. After hours of cohesion, I decided to give Tinder a try. After all, finding a man in person who is emotionally and physically available has basically been nearly impossible, like learning how to grow a second head or learning how to climb Everest. Seriously, what ever happened to being at a dinner party and accidentally gently grazing a man’s hand as you both reach for the same slice of Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese?
Based on the meme I have created above, I think that it is safe to say that I am off of Tinder and all social media dating for that matter. In fact, I am contemplating never dating again. I might just be one of those people who should die old and alone while my cats feed off of my carcass.



#NervousPoops #FullerHouse #BikeRiding #BlueMoons



For real, look at how beautiful little baby Nixon is with that freshly washed mane of hair! After this photo was taken, I realized that I am not the kind of person who should really be going three months without touching up my roots. Never again.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little dive into my week and the curious things that go on in my brain!