Sisters With Voices

So, I when I was about ten years old, my Mom and Dad allowed me to make a recorded tape of myself singing at Cedar Point (which is a theme park that set up singing booths throughout the park to generate some extra chedda’)  because I thought that I was going to be a professional singer. However, they wanted me to make a recorded tape of myself, so that they could prove to me that I needed to really start exploring my other talents, as they did not believe that my vocal chords were on par with Janet Jackson’s singing abilities. Their efforts proved fruitless because after I heard myself singing Weak, by SWV (Sisters With Voices), I knew I was destined to be an award winning vocal artist.

Years later, turns out my parents, Jack and Peg, were in fact correct about my inability to sing well. I mean, eventually, I was going to have to come down to reality and accept that being tone deaf is probably not helping my ability to accurately judge the tunes coming out of my mouth.   However, there is a small part of me that will always want to close my office door, turn the lights down low, grab a hair brush, and sing with my ‘sisters’ when Weak plays on my Paula Abdul Pandora station, which I rock on a regular basis.

And, even though I could not carry a tune if my life depended on it, that still has not stopped me from preparing my speech for the Grammy’s for when I win my award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.


*Side Note: I loved SWV. I owned the cassette tape (if anyone even remembers what a cassette tape was). The album was called,  It’s About Time, and listened to this gem on a regular basis. Trust me when I tell you that I knew almost every word to almost every song. Man, I miss my sisters.


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