When in Rome, a.k.a. Miami…

Over the holiday, I vacationed with one of my closest friends Brent in Miami, Florida and over this break, he and I literally did nothing but indulge. He and I indulged in sun bathing, boozing, spending money, eating food, eating bread, relaxing, eating more bread, swimming in the ocean, swimming in the pool, taking pictures, and eating again. Most importantly though, Brent and I indulged in having exponentially large amounts of fun. I rang in 2016 by visiting Miami and loving every moment of the most luxurious five days of my life.



Talde as an Asian inspired restaurant that is new to the Miami scene, and I loved every bite of it.   The restaurant was covered in 80’s inspired graffiti, which complimented the old school hip hop music scene. The music was absolutely reminiscent of the classic group Naughty By Nature, which I loved of course. However, the food was really what blew me away. My friend Brent and I ordered Pretzel Pork and Chive Dumplings,  Spicy Tuna Tar Tar and Chow Fun. Each bite was more delectable than the last. Surprisingly the mix of Asian food, meeting urban graffiti printed walls, and old school hip hop were absolutely the perfect combination to “hip, hop, horray” into a brand new year. Here I come 2016!



Miami Beach Resort and Spa


The Miami Beach Resort and Spa was absolutely a wonderful hotel, minus a few hiccups in the beginning of the trip. Let’s just say that I found a hair in my bed and raised Hell. However, they did promptly resolve the issue, which lead to many apologies on both ends. Oh, and this hotel still has box televisions, but that is neither here, nor there. I mean, there is no way I should be complaining about a hotel when I am on a vacation where I should be spending every moment outside, in the sun, with a drink in my hand. Right?

The best part about this hotel was by far the location. The Miami Beach Resort and Spa was resting beautifully on the Miami Beach. I could walk right off of the pool deck and onto the softest, and cleanest sand, that my tootsies have ever touched. Also, Will Smith was not kidding when he sang, “water so clear, you can see to the bottom” because the ocean water was warm, a shade of green I had never seen in natural water, and absolutely breathtakingly clear. I was in vacation heaven.

Honestly, everything about the Miami Beach Resort and Spa was a delight, especially the best bar tender ever–David. Brent and I met David on our second day of vacation and I am not sure if it was the weather, the sand, or just not having to be at work, but he delivered the best tasting bucket of Modelos with Lime a girl could ask for, I kid you not. Actually…maybe David, and the Hurricane he concocted with the beers, was my favorite thing about the hotel? Hmmm…either way, I was one happy vacationer.


Above is a photo of Brent and I hanging out in the lobby at the hotel.


The Forge


So you know how they say, you should treat yourself to at least one amazing meal in your lifetime?

Well, Brent and I treated ourselves to one of the most expensive and delicious meals that he and I have ever eaten in either of our lives. We ordered a Grilled Whole Brazino, a side of Black Truffle Mac & Cheese Pot Pie, with a Chopped Salad. The food, literally, melted in my mouth. I am not usually a fan of trying different types of fish, but when in Rome! I wish I could eat Brazino each and every day of my life now. Truly, The Forge was one of the most beautiful and most expensive restaurants that I will probably ever visit in my life, but it was also the most memorable food that I will most likely ever taste in my life. If you are ever in Rome, a.k.a. Miami, I urge you to splurge and visit The Forge.

Top Photo: Grilled Whole Brazino with a side of Black Truffle Mac & Cheese Pot Pie.
Bottom Left: “The Forge” Chopped Salad.
Bottom Right: The Forge Menu




If you love bread, cheese, meats and fresh salads like I do, well then you need to go to Sylvano’s. Those of you who know me, know that my favorite restaurant of all time is Danny Boy’s in Rocky River, ohio. However, I might dare to say that eating at Sylvano’s in Miami may now be my new favorite pizza place…not that I will ever get to enjoy a meal there again, but it was “delizioso”, as the Italian’s would say. In fact the pizza was so spot on with my taste buds that Brent and I went to this restaurant two times while on vacation in Miami…and that is saying something.

During the first visit Brent and I ordered  a Salame Pizza, Insalata Mista and Linguine Nere al Grancio. On the second visit Brent and I ordered Prosciutto & Mozzarella Pizza, with a Caesar Salad. Now, I will say that visit numero uno was much more satisfying than visit numero dos, but there is no doubt in my mind, that eating at Sylvano’s was a true experience. The restaurant was swamped with people, but I felt like I was in a quiet Italian bistro just having an authentic meal with a friend who I had not seen in ages. Truly Sylvano was a one of a kind little pizza spot.


Miami, Florida


Visiting Miami, Florida was absolutely one of the most amazing vacations I have ever been on in my life. Between relaxing on the beach, drinking amazing cocktails, eating some of the best food I have ever tasted, even if I am ten pounds heavier, and spending time with one of my closest friends, I never wanted to leave Miami. My angst for wanting to stay in Florida was so strong that I actually started looking up how much apartments would cost. There is no doubt that I would move to Miami in a New York Minute, if I had the opportunity. I have had a terribly rough 2015 and I can only hope that 2016 will be as magical as the sunsets were while on vacation in Miami, Florida.

(Please do yourself a favor and click on the links to each restaurant and explore what types of amazing cuisine Miami has to offer!)

Where is your favorite place to vacation?


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