Welcome to Miami

Celebrating the New Year is not something that has been in my repertoire for quite some time. Within the last five years, I can think of only one occasion where I went out for the holiday, dressed to the nines, drinking champagne and getting really wild.  That time was back in 2011. I went out with a two of my girls and our then boyfriends to some ridiculous bar which had an equally ridiculous cover charge. Since then, I have put very little effort forth regarding my New Year’s Eve celebrations.

When I was living in Chicago I rang in 2013 by going to bed at 8 p.m., with Huckleberry Finn, my cat. The two of us laid in bed watching Sweet Brown tell us how she needed a cold beverage, after awaking from her slumber, to realize that a fire had begun in her apartment complex and that she did not have time for a fire due to her Bronchitis.  I spent almost two hours watching Sweet Brown. I was laughing my ass off while Huck was purring at the hilarity of it all, of course. On this specific night, I did not drink, which was an insane surprise because I do love a good glass of vino. However, when I was living in Chicago, I didn’t have single friend to speak of besides my cat, so he and I had our own little date night with Sweet Brown. I was asleep before midnight, just the way I like it.

One year later, I attended a party at a close friend’s home. I half heatedly accepted the invitation, as I really like to be alone during the ringing in of the new year. However, after a little pulling of the leg, I agreed to be in attendance. I did warn my friend that I wanted to be asleep before the ball dropped, but she did not find this to be a reasonable way to bring in the holiday. Therefore, I was suckered into staying up, drinking way too many shots, and embarrassing myself in front of her family. Hence the reason that staying home alone, or going to bed before midnight, is how I have been choosing to spend this dreadful holiday.

The year after, for 2015, I was very pleased when another one of my closest gal pals, K-Dawg, invited me to come over to her home and celebrate 2015 with she and her husband. Her plan was for the three of us, plus her amazing dog Charlie, to sit on the couch, eat snacks and booze. Now, this was a plan I could get on board with 100%. Sitting around on New Year’s Eve, in my fat pants, drinking with people who I knew would not judge my intoxicated indiscretions was perfect. The three of us, and Charlie, sat around joking, stuffing our faces full of snacks and simply relaxing. To date, this was by far the best way I have ever celebrated New Year’s Eve.

This is me, in my sweats, on New Year’s Eve with K-Dawg, when I finally had enough celebrating. Bed time!

However, I am hoping that this New Year’s Eve will trump last year’s celebration. For those of you who are familiar with my spending habits, you know that I never treat myself to vacations, bridal parties, or anything too luxurious. What can I say? I am a saver. But this year, I plan on ringing in 2016 in a big way. I am going to Miami, Florida and I could not be more excited. Warm weather, drinks, shopping, great food and fun are on the roster for my first week of 2016. I want to feel badly about about this trip, but if I am being honest, I have earned it.

Until very recently, I have been consistently working two jobs which has totaled over 60 hours of work a week, not including my two hour daily commute. You can only imagine how badly my dogs have been barking. My most prized possession, my bike, was stolen from me. My one year old car was totaled, while parked, just six months ago by a drunk driver–idiot. Then, my new car which I have only had for six months was hit while parked–again. I have had a streak of horrible, terrible, awful bad luck and I refuse to let 2016 take advantage of my good heart like 2015 did. So, get ready 2016, I am about to take advantage of all that you have to offer!

Therefore, I will be doing like Will Smith does when he vacations in Miami…


“Party in the city where the heat is on
All night, on the beach till the break of dawn
Welcome to Miami”

What was your best and/or worst New Year’s Eve?



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