The Single Girl Rules

Obviously all single girls rule. We get to party, relax at our leisure and flirt whenever we want, but sometimes the heart craves more. Therefore, I have compiled a list of rules that I wish I would have followed in my youth while dating. This list of course is not comprehensive. By choice, as of late, I have decided that dating is not currently for me. However,  I think that if I would have followed my own advice years ago, then maybe, I would not be such a miser of love and possibly open to dating now.


Rule #1. Say YES!

If a guy is brave enough to ask you out on a date, say YES! I do not care if he asks you out while you are at a bar, buying groceries, babysitting your nephews, running on the treadmill, sitting on a plane or waiting for your dry cleaning. Hell, I do not even care if he asks for your number via Facebook. If a man has enough courage to ask you on a date, he deserves your attention. Heads up ladies.

Rule #2. Expand Your Friend Base

As a woman who is nearing 30, almost every single one of my friends is married. I am not kidding, they are all married, as are all of their friends, which has made it difficult for me within the past few years to meet new people. So, I highly recommend expanding your friend base. I so badly wish that years ago, I would have been more active in a community organization, which would have allowed me to meet new men. I mean, who doesn’t want more friends or potential dating options, right? Trust me, get involved in any organization as soon as possible because a large friend base is key to the success in meeting new people and a potential mate.

Rule #3. Don’t Be Shy

Throughout my entire life, I have only hit on two people. And trust me when I say, that I am not the type of girl who will usually put myself right out there on dating front street. One time I approached a mega beefcake in college and another time I approached a guy at Harry Buffalo in Lakewood. Neither time was successful, or even landed me a date, but do I regret making the effort? NO!

If you want someone to notice you, don’t be shy! Make the effort. The worst someone can say is no, right? I would much rather have someone say no to me and get a great story out of an awkward situation, instead of never trying. I mean what is the alternative? Going home, laying in bed, replaying each potential scenario out and regretting the entire night? Don’t be shy what if he is “the guy”.

Rule #4. Judge the Book by the Contents of the Pages

If there is one thing that I have learned over the years, it is this: there is a lot to be said for chemistry. Think of dating like reading a book. Sometimes we are drawn to books because of the cover, the introduction, or maybe even a good friend recommended this book to us. Whatever the case, sometimes we pick up a book with the intent to read it from cover-to-cover because for some reason this book is so appealing to our senses, but we can quickly realize that maybe this book was not the story we were looking to spend the next 30 days with. The same can be said for dating.

I cannot even explain how many times I have met a guy who I thought was insanely dreamy, but after meeting him, I was left feeling bored and uninterested, putting that particular read back on the shelf. Or, how many times a friend has introduced me to someone who would not normally be “my type”, but after just a few moments reading the back cover, I had walked away yearning to know the ending. The truth is that we cannot judge a book by the cover it is wrapped in, but rather we should judge the book based on the contents of the pages within that binding, plain and simple.

Rule #5. Just Be Yourself

There have been so many times in my life that I have pretended to be someone else, so that some guy would like me more. Each time I have attempted to be play pretend, the plan had backfired. Dating is hard enough as it is and it can be even more difficult when we try to be someone we aren’t. The most important people in our lives love us for who we are, not for who we pretend to be. Just be yourself and the people who matter will love you for just who you are and the person of your dreams will see you exactly as you are too–perfect.



Take my word for it, follow the “Single Girl Rules” and you will not be disappointed. The right person is out there! You just have to say yes, be open to meeting new people, step outside of your comfort zone, do not judge a person by his or her cover and most importantly, just be yourself.  I promise, I know how hard dating can be, but I know that if I would have followed my own advice years ago, I would be much more open to the ideas of love.

Good luck and cheers to finding your true love in 2016!


Are there any other dating tips that you have found to be truly helpful on your quest towards love? Do tell!




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