The Family That Paints Together…


This weekend, my Mom and I decided to throw an impromptu “Christmas Ornament Decorating Party”. In the past, we have always decorated ornaments for the holiday and had given them away as gifts. However, this year seemed to be getting away from us. I started to worry that since our family had  been growing and since new traditions were beginning to form, that maybe decorating ornaments was becoming a thing of the past. Therefore, I basically hounded my Mom for permission to throw this holiday party at her house the week before Christmas. Fortunately for me, she obliged.

On Saturday night, I was elated with joy when my entire immediate family and their spouses arrived to the party. I was so happy when the family arrived with smiles, which took me from elation to utter euphoria. As many of you know, gathering the family in one centralized location can sometimes turn out to be a horrific nightmare, especially during the holiday. And, of course, my family is definitely not one that veers from the norm. If you know what I mean?

If you do not know what I am referring to, let me spell it out for you…one of us usually always starts an argument with one of our other loved ones. Usually these arguments result in tears and/or a door being loudly slammed. One year, I even threw a remote at my sister Jamie and then tried pushing her down the stairs. Clearly, this was not my most gracious moment. In fact, since that little outburst on my end, we now only celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve.

Miraculously, on Saturday evening our night did not end in tears or blood shed. Rather, our evening ended with laughter and complete joy, as the entire family was together sharing in one of the biggest milestones a toddler can achieve. My two nephews, Mikey (3) and Dom (2), both went “pee-pee” in the potty for the first time while the entire family was together–amazing!

If you have never spent time near a toddler, then you probably do not understand the joy that accompanies seeing an infant explore using the bathroom for the first time. However I absolutely understand the excitement, as I was a Lead Student Teacher at The Kent State Child Development Center, while in college. In fact, I have witnessed many a child scream with pure joy as he or she accomplished the very scary adventure to the toilet after slowly being weened off of the infamous and disgusting diaper. However, after seeing my own nephews applaud themselves for taking one of their first trips to the “pee-pee monster”, I realized that there is no greater feeling than seeing a young child grow up.

This weekend, we may have had a party so that we could paint ornaments and spend time with each other, but we were even more blessed to see Mikey and Dom go through one amazing childhood experience. I will never forget how excited I was this weekend to have my entire family with me in one house, under one roof, simply to have a craft party. But, more importantly, I will never forget how blown away I was that we were all able to be a part of one of the little things in life, like seeing two adorable young boys, be so insanely proud of themselves for doing something so simple like going “pee-pee” in the potty.



So what I have decided based on my Saturday night experience is as follows:

The family that paints together will also get way too excited over the weird little things in life together.




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