Couch Bed

So, yesterday, thanks to being a woman, I found myself in the hospital for the worst Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) my body has ever known. Literally, I was hunched over thriving in pain, crying non-stop and attempting to urinate every two minutes with little success. If you have never had a UTI, you may be one of the luckiest people ever. Therefore, due to my unparalleled pain, I spent the remainder of my day riddled with drugs and napping on my couch with my parents Boxer, Bailey, who apparently thinks that I am her own personalized body pillow. I am not.

However, if I am being honest, since I was feeling atrocious all day, I welcomed the over sized beast into my sleeping quarters. Bailey encompassed the majority of the couch, but honestly her cuddling made me feel insanely warm and fuzzy inside. In addition to the affection Bailey offered up, I was comforted even more by the love that my Mom and Dad (Peg and Jack) delivered. I mean, there is nothing like having your parents swoon over you while you are sick, is there?

Being sick yesterday made me think about all the times I would get sick during my youth and have to stay home from school. I mean, as a child staying home from school was way more fun than it is now. As an adult, if I miss work, I have to worry about getting written-up or even worse getting the boot, and I definitely need to keep my main source of revenue in full motion. However, I could not help but think about all the things I liked to do as a child on my “sick days”.

I remember as a teenager that I use to love to watch Harry Potter on the days that I would stay home sick from school. Literally, I loved Harry Potter as a teenager and it was all the more delicious watching it while playing hooky from school. However, when I was really young and sick, I use to die for a “Couch Bed”. The best way that I can describe the infamous “Couch Bed” is that the bed has to be made by a parent, include a single blanket folded in half, consist of one single pillow and it must be on couch, not a love seat. Having my parents make me a “Couch Bed” was, and still is, one of my most favorite childhood pastimes. Even now, as an adult, when I am sick, I long for that warm folded over blanket, just as I did as a kid.

However, I am thinking “Couch Beds” are a thing of the past, even though I do live at home. I think it is safe to say that my parents are no longer willing to make me my favorite bed when I am sick, as I am old enough to be living on my own. At this point, I should probably be making my own sick bed. I am guessing the “Dog Pillows” (Also known as Bailey, the Boxer) is now going to be a thing of the future for me, as every time I lay down to rest she is on me like white on rice.

So, what about you? What was your favorite thing to do as a young child when you were sick?


Above is a photo of the new “Dog Pillow” that I will be spending time with when I am sick, instead of the “Couch Bed”. From this photo you can see that Bailey loves to use humans as her own personal pillow.



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