Happy Hour Hump Day

If I have not said it before, and I know I have, I love happy hour. Truly, getting drinks and food at a discounted price, to me, is more exciting than hanging out with my cats. And, if you know me, you know that sadly, hanging out with my cats is pretty high on the excitement thermometer. So, stopping at 87 West, a wine bar located in Crocker Park, after a long day of work to indulge in some discounted spirits and appetizers was exactly what this girl needed.


Without a doubt, 87 West has the best happy hour in Crocker Park. If you have not been to Crocker Park, it is located in Westlake, Ohio and 87 West is totally worth checking out. Trust me, this venue has a beautiful central fireplace, lounge style seating, and almost 360 degrees of windows to view the wonderful outdoors. And, if that was not enough to draw you in, well then you will be tickled pink when you order your happy hour food and drinks because the prices are unreal.

I ordered a Salami Board that was out of this world. Four different types of cheeses, meat, nuts, jam and artisan breads were on this delectable board and it only cost a mere $9. Yes, please. In addition, I also ordered a Chorizo Flatbread, which only set me back a cool $6. I mean what is not to love about those prices? Add a few glasses of wine and a seasonal beer onto that tab and I left 87 West with $32 less than I had before my trip. I mean, seriously, I spent less that $35 in total on an evening out…#amazing.

I should probably mention, so that you do not all think I have a drinking and/or eating problem, a friend did join me for happy hour. So, if you are wondering to yourself, “How is this girl able to eat all of this food and still fit into her pants?” Worry no longer, I did not eat all of these treats alone. And, of course, I did not eat dessert alone either.

After 87 West, my friend and I went the The Cheesecake Factory and enjoyed a drink and a layered chocolate cake, that was basically orgasmic. This cake had almost seven layers of fudgey goodness, sprinkled with chocolate chips–Heaven. I should have felt awful after eating this high calorie dessert, but instead I felt blissful. Which to me, is a way better feeling than guilt, so bring on the calories.


I mean…it will be ok, I will just run an extra mile tonight at the gym, right?


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