“Oh, How Sweet You are Melissa”

Melissa Sweet

Ok, yes, I have to admit that this weekend, I did choose to throw caution to the wind and I basically ate almost everything in sight. And, yes, if I am being totally honest, I absolutely did choose to eat almost every meal at a restaurant this weekend too. Talk about calorie overload and by no means is this a complaint. I am sorry, but sometimes you just have to indulge a little-not always, but sometimes. This weekend was one of those “sometimes”.

For example, this tasty bagel sammy was brought to you by Sweet Melissa’s in Rocky River, Ohio. I love this place, minus the fact that they do a horrible job at setting the ambiance, as they place no music whatsoever, which drives me bonkers. However, they fully redeem themselves, in my book, by offering food that is freshly made and pretty unique to the Rocky River area. Many of their products are locally grown and they offer plenty of vegetation options–love it! I am not a vegetarian, per say, but I have a very difficult time eating too much meat. So grabbing a bite to eat at Sweet Melissa’s is always a  great option for the picky eater, like myself.

This weekend however, I did choose to veer away from my normal eating habits and chowed down on some bacon (Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!). My bagel sandwich was loaded with eggs, bacon, a friend green tomato and the most amazing mustard, or cheese, I have ever eaten. I am not exactly sure what this delightful sauce is actually classified as, but I can tell you that Sweet Melissa’s has it listed on their menu as”Goat Cheese Mustard”, so yeah…whatever it is, it is amazing. On the side, were two beautiful potatoes with homemade ranch. Again, I do not know what they are doing with these dressings, but that ranch basically had a party of flavors in my mouth and I loved every move.

All-in-all, the brunch that was served up this weekend at Sweet Melissa’s pleased my belly to no end. If you are looking for a cool place to brunch definitely check out Sweet Melissa’s. However, I am still a sucker for their happy hour, as the food is great, portioned perfectly, and the drink prices will cater to any budget.  Sweet Melissa’s Happy Hour will always be my favorite spot for after work drinks, so if you enjoy a mid-week cocktail, even more than brunch, then you definitely need to check this place out.




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