“Stone Mad and Toast?”

Stone Mad and Toast? Like, Netflix and Chill?

I kid. I kid.


Hey Guys!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Lord knows that I am absolutely enjoying my weekends off. For the last three years or so, I have been working in retail, so now that I am free from the chains of crazy retail hours, I love and appreciate my weekends off more than anyone could ever imagine, especially during the holidays. I am sure that many of you who work or have worked in any service industry understands how amazing weekends off can be. Am I right?

Well, now that I have my weekends off, I am insanely fortunate to be able to have the time to spend with my friends and family, and even luckier to be able to explore amazing restaurants. For example, this weekend a close friend of mine and I recently dined at two amazing establishments that are located in the Gordon Square Arts District, in Cleveland. If you are not familiar with Gordon Square, get familiar. This area of Cleveland is culturally diverse, full of neat shops and holds some of the most unique restaurants in the area, like Stone Mad and Toast.

First of all, Stone Mad has the most amazing atmosphere and  ambiance ever. Entering into this restaurant is like entering into the magical wizarding world of Harry Potter. What could be better? Nothing! Butter Beer anyone? The entire front of the house has been made out of beautiful hardwood and a super comforting fireplace, which not only warmed my body, but I think it even warmed my sou-not joking! If you like Harry Potter, you will love Stone Mad, I promise.

Stone Mad truly offers up a unique mix of Irish-American food that is tasty, full of flavor, and yet simply traditional. This weekend, my friend and I ordered the Chefs Special, which was a Sundried Tomato Pizza with peppers, and it was unreal. The flavors mixed together so beautifully that I had two pieces and my friend had three. Yes, it was that good and sometimes you just have to say “f the diet!”. In addition to the ‘za, we ordered an Acorn Squash Salad and, honestly, it was even better than the pizza–yum!  Naturally, after the meal was over, we got dessert, but we took our taste buds to another venue, Toast!

Stone Mad

If you are looking for dessert and an amazing cocktail that is handmade, fresh, and insanely diverse in flavor, well then you need to go to Toast, which is a hop, skip, and a jump away from Stone Mad. But between you and me, my friend and I still drove down the street..it was a cold night, don’t judge. After we made it to our destination, we patiently waited for two seats at the bar and seriously had the best service.

The bar tender was able to suggest drinks to me simply based on what I normally enjoy drinking-wine. Her option was inspiring, but seriously do not ask me what was inside of this adult delight because I am clueless. I can tell you though that it was worth every calorie, just like our dessert. Our bar tender was even able to offer us a dessert based on my usual sweet treat preference, which is cake! I love cake!


If I thought the cocktails were a force to be reckoned with, I had no idea how salivating the dessert portion of this night was going to be. This cake was filled with apples, sweet icing, and many more seasonal ingredients that I cannot even fathom explaining with words because I will sound like an idiot. You just need to try it for yourself. I will say, however, that the toasted pecans were absolute perfection. Please trust me when I say that Toast offers up a mix of drinks and food that is a true experience that you will regret not trying.

Listen, I love food, I love trying adult bevy’s, and I love sharing a meal with a friend, and that is exactly what my weekend has entailed. Truly, if you are looking to eat food that is neatly designed with a Harry Potter atmosphere, you have to go to Stone Mad, as soon as possible. With that being said, take the time to walk ten cars down the road and hit up Toast for a specialty drink and dessert. Trust me, trust me, trust me Stone Mad and Toast are the bees knees of dining experiences.

Where is your favorite place to eat, Cleveland or otherwise?



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