“To Toot or Not to Toot?”

Ok, so a little embarrassing fact about me is that I love to eat Broccoli for lunch. Like, I am basically obsessed with Broccoli! It is absolutely my “guilty lunch pleasure”. But, I am not obsessed with just any Broccoli, I am obsessed with Green Giant Steamed Tuscany Broccoli! Delish!


If you have not yet tried this delicious low-cal treat, you are missing out on a tasty and very healthy delight.

However, what you are not missing out on is the gas the comes along with this little brigade of Broccoli! I am not going to lie, after I eat this delicious treat for lunch, I sit in my office and think to myself,  “Nichole, should you leave the office to toot?” Or should you, “attempt a quiet passing of the gas obscurely in your office and hope that no one notices what is happening? Hmm…


I officially apologize to my past, present and future co-workers, as I have no plans to stop eating the Broccoli of any kind, any time soon.


Tell me, what is your “guilty lunch pleasure”?

Secret chocolate hidden in your desk? A mound of cheese? C’mon…what is it? I promise I won’t tell…




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