There are two things I love more than almost anything…

  1. My cats–obviously!  What did you think I was going to say?
  2. I die for eating out, especially during Happy Hour. I mean, who does not love a good deal? And, if I am being honest, I am the biggest penny pincher ever. Like, oh hey there cheapskate! Basically, Happy Hour is the bees. However, if I am not lucky enough to make it to the stingy 7 p.m. Happy Hour cut throat deadline, I have absolutely  no qualms about ordering a tasty meal at full price, which is exactly what I did this weekend, when I visited sarita, in Lakewood, Ohio

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I had the pleasure of trying sarita,  which was once known as Player’s on Madison. After walking into the swanky joint, and not having a reservation, my good friend and I were greeted with nothing but friendly smiles. I was amazed that we were even able to get a seat, as the house was packed. Although, after visiting the joint, I cannot say that I was surprised. The atmosphere was casual and laid back and the décor was simple, but totally aesthetically appealing to the eye!

Naturally, as soon as our server made his way to our table, I could not resist the urge to start my night off with a delicious Pumpkin Martini. And, I have to say, that martini was as tasty as it was strong, which left me with zero complaints. Seriously though, that Pumpkin Martini tasted like a fresh Pumpkin puree had just met a Creamcicle, fell in love, procreated, and produced life, which I quickly adopted as my own child. As soon as I consumed that tasty drink, I knew the rest of the meal was going to be just as mouthwatering.

Upon further inspection of the menu, I quickly realized that it was chalk full of insanely simple foods with an eclectic twist.  I seriously had the hardest time deciding what to order! After much contemplation, my dinner mate and I decided to indulge our senses with some Lobster Nachos and Cornbread with Jalapeno Butter. No joke, I literally could not get enough Jalapeno Butter. I officially want Jalapeno Butter on everything I eat, and possibly drink. Gross? I don’t think so. By the time the meal was over, my belly was full, my spirits were high and then I kept it classy by basically liking the plates clean. I mean, what else could I do? I needed to hold on to every tasty crumb of goodness.

When I left, I basically had some serious separation anxiety. Take my word for it, if you are looking for a strong drink, a twist on your favorite foods, and a cool atmosphere, then you need to try sarita, in Lakewood.

Men take the hint and get your girl there…like yesterday.



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